Delenda Est

Characters' Premise

In B.T. 2101 war was beginning...

The story so far…

The states of Bael Turath and Arkhosia have been in cold war for years now, manipulating intermediaries and fighting a war of influence and expansion over their respective continents. The latest in a series of open grabs at power has just occurred in the Dwarven Territories, centered on the city-state and capital, Khaz Yeshwe. The dwarves have recently been split into three factions, one supporting each of the Empires, and one nationalist faction.

Seeing the growing influence of the Arkhosian Empire on dwarven culture, which had always been more neutral and merchant based, Bael Turath decided to take matters into their own hands. The Senate convinced renowned General Sextus Zolfura to lead a campaign to “liberate” the Dwarven Territories from the insidious dragonborn influence.

General Zolfura has been successful and the territories were occupied before a significant Arkhosian influence could be brought to bear from their lands. Recently the Arkhosian army has made camp outside of clear mobilization range of the occupying force, but excursions by both parties have been made.

After one particularly heinous attack on a non-military target by the Arkhosians, mainly Kobolds, General Zolfura organized a special attack force to be a precision effort to clear certain problems that arise that he could not afford to bring the whole army to bear on. This team currently consists of: a tiefling paladin of Bane, and moral heart of the force; a tiefling warlord and young protege and favorite of the General; a dastardly pickpocket that was convinced to use his abilities for the good of the Empire; a former champion of the Arkhosian gladiator circuit, liberated by the General’s forces; and a dwarven prophet siding with the Turathi for her own glory.



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