Blessed are the victorious, for victory is the basis of right!

The adventures in and around the decadent and crumbling empire of Bael Turath at the close of its reign over the vast majority of the free races. Locked in a futile struggle with the also declining Arkhosian Empire of Dragonborn, the Turathi are looking for anything they can to swing the tide of war in their favor, taking out their enemies for good and giving them free reign to continue expanding their empire.

Bael Turath is crumbling under its own weight, the slave plantations can’t keep up production at the far reaches of the Empire, the outskirts are being attacked by saurian invaders, the senators and politicians are decadent and apathetic towards the suffering of the people and the corruption of the fiendish pacts of the aristocracy are perverting the blessed state of Erathis. Not even strong military expansionism can keep the Empire afloat like in times past and the private armies of various generals are wondering when they will be payed next. Do you support the corruption to keep civilization from collapsing, or do you fight the rot at its core and send the world tumbling into a new dark age?

The Players start out on the northern front, fighting the dragonborn in the dry, hilly lands of the dwarves. The dwarven capital of Khaz Yeshwe has just been “liberated” from the influences of dank Arkhosia, and the priests of Iovanthar have been sent to the underworld. Talk of a Broodmother coming from the Arkhosian lines has the Turathi generals worried that their newly won victory might not last much longer.

Delenda Est

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