Bael Turath

Bael Turath is the single most powerful force on the western continent of The World. Hundreds of years ago Emperor Bael the First, thirsting for power and dominance over Creation, led the aristocracy into the worship of the fledgling deity Asmodeus the Betrayer, King of Devils. Emperor Bael inscribed the tenets of the Church of the Asmodites into a tome of sacred knowledge called the Codex Mordi. By consolidating power behind the state religion focused on the especial veneration of Asmodeus, Achra (Bane) and Erathis, Emperor Bael blessed his state with three very powerful and pleased deities.

This combined spiritual might helped the Turathi to spread in influence and gain mystical and military power. Many strides forward were made in this time, much wild magic was studied and codified, many military and civilian technologies were improved upon and civilization spread quickly and steadily, with order and an iron fist.

But it wasn’t enough. The aristocracy of the Empire, following Asmodeus’ teaching of ever-growing power, tapped into ways to forge pacts with powerful entities for little immediate expense. The first (and always most popular) of these were pacts and contracts with Asmodeus’ own underlings, the fiends. The Turathi Gens generally made pacts with a certain strain of fiends or entities and began to mutate from their original human forms, becoming Tieflings.

After the Gens began their transformations from constant pacts and inter-breeding with fiends and dark entities, the Empire began to become more and more decadent. The expansion wars with the Arkhosians began and instead of just constant and gradual expansion into the wilderness, the Turathi were faced with an arms race and a war of cultures and ethnicities as much as armies and sorceries.

Currently the Empire of Bael Turath comprises the home peninsula of the Turathi, the predominately human province of Nerath, and much farmland on the far side of the Nodus Mountains. Bael Turath also claims the vast majority of the islands in the Inner Sea, and also receives tribute from the Elvish Nations as well as the Hobgoblin kingdoms. The shifter tribes are becoming strong enough to hold off the spread out forces of Bael Turath while the conflict in the dwarven lands continues, but a concentrated effort would stop them. The dwarven lands have recently been “liberated” from possible Arkhosian influence and will probably become subjugated to Bael Turath shortly.

Bael Turath

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