The Broodmother

Unholy spawn of Tiamat!


The Broodmother

Level 5 Solo Brute Large aberrant magical beast XP 1,000

Initiative +2 Senses: Perception +8; darkvision; Body Blaze aura 2; any creature that enters the aura or starts its turn within the aura takes 5 fire damage.

HP 264; Bloodied 132; AC 17; Fortitude 19; Reflex 18; Will 17

Immune fire, Saving Throws +5, Speed 6, Action Points 2.

m Bite (at-will; standard) • Fire Reach 2; +8 vs AC; 2d8 + 6 fire damage

M Chaotic Fury (at-will; standard) The Broodmother makes two bite attacks. If both bites hit a single target, it makes a third bite attack against the same target

C Atomic Flame (recharge 4 5 6; standard) • Fire, Acid, Fear Close blast 5; +7 vs Reflex; 3d6 + 4 acid damage, and the target takes ongoing 5 fire damage (save ends) then Slides 3 squares.

C Bloodied Breath (encounter; free, when first bloodied) Breath weapon recharges, and the Broodmother uses it.

C Psychic Blast (encounter; standard) • Fear Close burst 5; targets enemies; +8 vs Will; 1 the target is stunned until the end of the dragon’s next turn. Aftereffect: The target takes a -2 penalty to attack rolls (save ends)

Alignment Evil Languages Draconic, Primordial Skills Athletics +11 Str 18 (+6) Dex 10 (+2) Wis 12 (+3) Con 18 (+6) Int 10 (+2) Cha 8 (+1)

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The Broodmother is the weapon that will change the war between the Empires. Magically altered to be the ultimate terror of the Turathi, the Broodmother is the culmination of the hate of the Arkhosians against the tiefling nation. Dark sorcerer priests channeled the warping power of the Abyss, injected weird alchemical concoctions and blessed the unholy beast with the might of the chromatic mother herself.

The Broodmother is a huge dragon, twisted into a frightful creation of the evil Arkhosians. Her scales are a sickly greenish yellow and her underbelly is pasty white like a maggot. She has a long, thin head and snout, like a caiman and her spine is covered in large frill like scales. Unnervingly, the Broodmother’s entire body is covered in eyes. Big eyes, small eyes, eyes looking every direction. She is said to have a hundred of them, and looking at her, you believe it. She is watching you, with an all too intelligent gaze.

The Broodmother

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