General Sextus Zolfura

Liberator of Khaz Yeshwe!


General Sextus is 5’8” and muscular even in his older age. His skin is starting to wrinkle and sag, but he still fights bravely and well. He has dark red skin and intensely white (non-glowing) eyes and pure white hair. He has a very wide-spread reputation for effectively using fear to cow his enemies while at the same time being very well loved by those near him. Commonly referred to as “the Prince”, or “the Liberator”, but never in his presence.


Gens Zolfura is a very wealthy family from the city of Vor Kragal, a wealthy artisan city to the west of The Capital. Gens Zolfura are mostly elemental sorcerers of the highest quality and while General Sextus has not garnered much family respect being a military man, he has become popular enough that his accomplishments cannot be sneered at anywhere, even at home.

General Sextus has been openly critical of Gens Kahlir in the past, sneering at their vampiric gluttony and blood orgies. This has earned him some enemies in the Senate and in the Asmodian priesthood.

General Sextus Zolfura

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