Delenda Est

Kobold Hall

Retribution for lives lost!

After a particularly savage attack on non-military targets by the Arkhosians, the Turathi are forced to respond with savage retribution! The strike force is dispatched on the heels of the attackers, and trace them back to a small cave entrance in the hill side. They see kobolds and a mysterious dragonborn warrior enter inside.

The force fight their way through several chambers, dodging traps the whole time. All members find themselves useful at various points and all of their strengths are tested and highlighted to each other. At what seems like the end, the force find themselves running from a magically propelled 10-foot tall boulder. While they dodge the boulder they find themselves at the mercy of kobold slingers, and eventually confront the might of a kobold wyrmpriest, those despicable creatures that worship the chromatic dragons, and his bodyguard.

After defeating the heinous dragon worshipers the force found its way down into the secret lair of the leader of the recent strikes, the white dragon Szartharax! As they sneaked down, they overheard Szartharax and a dragonborn, Vrak Tiburkaern, arguing.

Vrak: “You must be more patient Szartharax! If we attack their villages, that will only make them attack ours!”

Szar: “They already slaughtered my children, I claim vengeance as is my right under your law.”

Vrak: “Stick to military target for now. After we’ve massacred their strong then we can deal with their weak. ... Just remember, the Broodmother is close. After she arrives, everything changes.”

At that time, Gaius had the misfortune of dropping his javelin, alerting the two schemers to his presence. Vrak made an escape out the back door, leaving behind a scrap of his tabard on the brambles outside (being identified as the holy sign of Bahamut). The party, meanwhile, had to deal with an angry dragon in its own inner sanctum. After destroying many of the delicate ice features Szartharax had built up in his vanity, the party managed to beat him, though three were left very near death. With their information on the alliance with the chromatic dragons, and the mysterious entity called the Broodmother, they made their way back to General Zolfura to report.



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