Delenda Est

Delenda Est Gaiden: The Fall of Marcus Valerius, Part 2

(Advisory: This adventure represents a different group of players playing a “side story” within the Delenda Est campaign.)

Shortly after meeting Ad Avis al Hasan, the party finds themselves strangely compelled by his words. They realize that they must find this mysterious orb that Ad Avis has told them about.

“The orb is an artifact of great power. With it, we will be able to bring peace to the land and help our friend…”<?P>

“Marcus Valerius?” Enna asks.

“Yes. Marcus Valerius. We will be able to help him bring peace.”

The group, realizing the importance of this new task, sets forth to find the location of this mysterious orb. Their new friend, Ad Avis, gave them little information to start with but they begin consulting various resources.



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